Phyllis is a wonderful, kind-hearted instructor. She is passionate about teaching and has a passion for her students, Marilyn, 8/27/20. 

"I am practicing! The piano brings me joy especially with all the stress in my life right now. So thank you again for being such a kind and patient teacher," R. F., medical grad student, 5/5/19

"We're so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives as a friend, sister, teacher, and major source of encouragement for our Alana! Where would she be without you?!? Thank you so much! You're an expression of God's grace in our lives!" A. Powell, 12/31/18

" were also a member of her village who helped her musically. Thank you for teaching her violin!" Parent and Asst Principal, 10/12/18

"A wonderful violinist with a genuine gift for teaching! I highly recommend Mrs. Phyllis Calderon!"
"Phyllis does great work bringing quality music education to the children in her area including children from all economic situations," J. H., MusicLink Foundation
Thank you again for your wonderful, spirit-filled performance at our church Gala last week. We could hear the love of God and your passion for music through every note. I don't know if you could hear the audience, but you had them humming and singing along. We hope you can bless our church with your music at other events.  E. Fitzgerald, Chairman, My Holy Rock Deacon Board. 11/15/14

"Phyllis Calderon is a musical genius and especially patient instructor to both of my kids," Kinya McDonald, 7/14/15
"Phyllis and her team have been great. Their playlist repository is extensive. They make great recommendations even with a high-level requirement. We didn't do any rehearsal but they understood the requirement just through email communication and the execution was wonderful. The price is fair. I would highly recommend Phyllis,"  Tina Tian, Bride, ceremony 9/20/2014

"Fantastic Talent!" Anita White, Covenant United Church of Christ, 2/20/16

"Dear Phyllis, Thank you for your beautiful playing and a lovely evening because of it. You have the most beautiful tone---your Mom and friend adding wonderful accompaniments.  Truly appreciate your playing.  It would have been so sad for people to come out having seen the announcement and no concert.  You made it happen as always," E. Smith, 12/22/16