Summer 2020 Music Lessons

June 22 to August 15, 2020

This year our 8-week summer session includes a separate virtual theory class specifically designed for ages 4-12. Parents will monitor and attend with those students ages 4-7.

Private/Group Lessons
The class description and session fees (listed as the 8-week fee) are listed below. For new students, there is a $40 registration fee. 

Students will benefit from attending both the weekly class and private lessons.

Choose a class or a private lesson. Or, for optimal instruction, the combo class/private lesson is highly recommended. The fee listed below is for a 30-minute private and the 60-minute class. Students who attend both private and group progress quicker. While attention to detail is seen in private lessons and students who attend a group experience the value of peer-learning, emphasis on ensemble technique, and more, when both are attended, the student grows exponentially.



Class Violin

Every Wed  from 5-6 PM


Class Piano

Every Wed from 6-7 PM


Private Lesson @ 30-min per week

Choose a day Mon to Fri
first-come, first-serve


Private Lesson @ 45-min per week   $360
Private Lesson @ 60-min per week   $480
Combo Class/Private Lesson This is the best deal $210
Music Theory for Kids (ages 4-12) Wed 10 AM (4-7)
10:45 AM (ages 8-12)
MusicLink students* (see note below)    

*MusicLink students: Your discounted rate remains the same per your contract for private and/or group instruction. However, there is no discount for the music theory class.

New students, click Register Here to enroll.  Upon receipt, you will be contacted to confirm a day and time for lessons. You may pay directly from the invoice you will receive. Pay in full and receive $10 off. Or, pay in increments of two or three. The first payment is due before or on June 22; the second payment on July 15, and the third payment on August 1. Per studio policy, payments not received on time will incur a $25 late charge