“Teaching is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens.” Shinichi Suzuki

Studio Policy



  • Lesson Fee:  Due at time of enrollment. Payment plans are available. Receive $10 early registration discount when paid in full. (Students who are partnered with MusicLink Foundation must sign a contract and abide by the guidelines therein.)
  • Registration Fee:  $25.00 per student, paid annually and covers administrative costs, student materials, etc.
  • Late Payment Fee:  $25.00 
  • Returned Check Fee:  $20.00

SCHEDULING LESSONS FOR SUBSEQUENT TERMS OF STUDY. Current students who re-enroll for subsequent sessions automatically keep their lesson time as long as payment is received during the early registration period, otherwise they risk forfeiting their slots to new students.  New students are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Lesson times are not kept if payment has not been made.

Lesson time slots for current students who take a term of study off but wish to resume in the future may not be guaranteed their previous time slot.

MAKE-UP LESSONS.  Lessons may be made up within the month of the missed lesson, as long as you call in advance of missing the lesson. No make ups for casually missed lessons.  There are no make-up lessons during the 6-week summer session as you may sign up for the number of lessons you want.  Call in advance when you know you will miss.  There are no make-up lessons for group classes unless the teacher has canceled.  If the teacher has to cancel, classes will be made up automatically or a substitute teacher will be provided.
  Private lessons and groups are like other industries (i.e. ballet, sports program, gymnastics, even private school).

INCLEMENT WEATHER.  Lessons canceled by the Music Studio because of severe weather will either be made up during the make-up week, or credited toward your next term’s invoice.

SUMMER TERM LESSONS.  There are no make-up lessons during the summer term.  With the exception of group classes, you may sign up for the number of private lessons you desire.

PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS.  You have made a wise decision to study a musical instrument.  Learning an instrument is both challenging and rewarding.  Following these guidelines will assist you in having a great experience.

  1. Practicing every day is important.  It is better to practice a little bit daily than it is to practice longer the day before a lesson.  Consistent, daily practice builds physical and mental endurance.
  2. If applicable, play the CD every day, many times a day.
  3. Use the practice chart or your lesson notebook as a guide for what and how to practice.  Students not showing consistent evidence of practice and progress on a weekly basis, may be dismissed from the Studio.
  4. Parents must monitor and work with their children.  It is encouraged that parents attend lessons with their child and learn the instrument and skills with them.  In doing this, it will ensure effective and quality practice time at home.


  1. Students are invited to sign up to perform at informal recitals during the year at Blackstone Library or The Montgomery Place.
  2. All students participate in two formal recitals in June and December.
  3. Students attaining the necessary skills from their book level will perform in a graduation recital at a place and time determined by parent and teacher.
  4. Students who show progress through effective practice will be invited to participate in special performances at book stores, museums, banks, church events, and nursing homes and hospitals, throughout the city.  Students may also be invited to participate in scholarship competitions.


  1. Pay promptly for all lessons.
  2. Attend class with your beginner child.
  3. Do not interfere with the lesson, but take notes and ask questions before or after the lesson.  You may also video tape the lesson if you desire.
  4. Follow through on all assignments given by the teacher.


  1. Cooperate during practice and lessons.
  2. Listen to your parents; treat parents and teachers with respect.
  3. Bring all music books and notebooks to every lesson.
  4. Listen every day to the reference CDs or good YouTube videos of the pieces you are studying.


  1. Be qualified to teach any materials the student receives.
  2. Be very specific with assignments and expectations for the week.
  3. Give practice ideas and support to the student and parent for each assignment given.
  4. Make a commitment to continue education on a regular basis.
  5. Provide students ample opportunities for solos and performances
  6. Teach all lessons at the appointed time except for reasons of illness or family emergency.