(Virtual Lessons and Classes also available)


Lessons and classes are offered in... 

  • Violin 
  • Viola
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Pre-School Music Class (ages 3 to 5)
  • Music Theory Class 
  • In-Schools instruction 
    • Pre-School music
    • General music (can also include recorder and singing)
    • String class; piano class; or mixed instrument class
....and, students enjoy learning correct posture, how to relax, music theory, singing, and performance etiquette.

Virtual lessons are available. Lessons are taught via Zoom.
Type Monthly Fee Length Day Option
Violin/Viola/Voice/Piano Individual Lesson Only $160 30 min M, T, W, F
Violin/Viola/Voice/Piano Individual Lesson Only $185 45 min M, T, W, F
Violin/Viola/Voice/Piano Individual Lesson Only $248 60 min M, T, W, F
String OR Piano Class only $80 45 min TBD
Music Theory Class* $75* 45 min TBD
Pre-School Music Class $83 45 min TBD
In-Schools Instruction call for proposal varies call to inquire
Private and Group Combo** (Recommended) $220** 60 min  
Monthly fees are based on a 33-week school-year divided by 8 months, that is, September to May. For the summer lesson schedule click here.  

*The music theory class is a 6-week course for $75. Students are assigned to a class based on their level.
**This combo class includes music theory within the group as well as materials students will need.
Private lessons are scheduled first-come, first-serve.

  • Family: 10 percent off each additional student
  • MusicLink: (please visit to see if you qualify and to enroll)
  • Referral: $25 account credit when your referral enrolls
Students participate in two major recitals a year (June and December) and may participate in informal recitals throughout the year, in conjunction with our partner program, Music Teachers of Hyde Park.
Music Lessons